Hello Everyone….

As you all know, this is the valentine month…the month of love..but, i always wonder, do we really need a particular month or day to love someone or ourself..

We always try to make relations, connections around us and in all this process we always forget one very crucial person of our life that is we.. yes, we… ourselves..

In the world of interaction and communication with each other.. we always left ourself behind..

we somewhere leave our soul without us… that is , i think we are committing the greatest sin till now.

let’s make a resolution on this valentine’s day to love ourselves wholeheartedly…

This valentine’s day, start embracing yourself..


If we really want to spread happiness in the world and in our heart… we really need to love our soul truly..


Here are some of my mantras to live a happy life and have a true self relation…and also, how to fortify your relation with yourself and turn yourself into a happy soul like me.. 🙂

Here we go….

Travel …Travel and Travel…..
  • Travel as much as you can and explore the world and yourself.. know yourself more and more.. also, appreciate the things and people around you.. it is best way to keep your soul rejuvenated..
Do things, which makes you happy and excited
  • Do what you like to do.. stop relying on other person for your happiness.
  • After all, self happiness is no one’s slave.. 🙂

Appreciate the nature..
  • Self- appreciation and appreciation to the things around you…. always boosts your soul.. which is very much fruitful for the creation of true self-relation..
from Self appraisal to the self relation..
  • keep appraising your strengths and weaknesses..
  • after all improvements always look upon and they are always proved to be a great instructor i.e.,,, this is not enough ..go ahead and be more perfect..
  • when you appraise yourself , you find new ways to change and be best version of yourself to create a self-reliance and true self relation..

*Start loving your soul,this valentine’s day…create a self relation.

*Happy valentine’s day , enjoy your love for yourself.

*SEE you soon with something new…..till then bye..take care… be healthy.. be confident… happiest blogging.. 🙂 🙂


  1. self-appreciation is HUGE! Every once in a while I try to sit and think about what I like about myself even what I like about my flaws so that I can see the value in them. Great post!


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