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Today I am going to write about castor oil, which i myself prefer for my hair care and it has never disappointed me in taking care for my hair.

Castor oil, which i always include in my hair care kit.

Do you know???

castor oil is very beneficial and pure remedy to treat your hair and skin and also helps in nourishing them well.

I am using castor oil for my hair since i was in my graduate days. yes.. I too have completed my graduation in bachelors in commerce . but that is an another part of my saga which i will share in my next post..

so without distracting the blog , i will tell you.. how you can use castor oil for your skin and hair care.

so, here we go……

For skin :-

Castor oil for skin.

Application :-

  • mix castor oil with rose water or with coconut oil and massage your face for 5 minutes.
  • leave it for few seconds, let your skin absorb its vitamins and minerals and wash your face with cold water.

For hair :-

Castor Oil Effect..

Application :-

  • Mix castor oil with coconut oil or mustard oil and massage your hair till it is absorbed by the hair completely.
  • leave the oil for whole night by covering your head so that your pillow would avoid the contact of oil and could escape by the prints over its surface and bed sheet’s too.
  • and don’t forget to have a head wash or bath in the next morning. . 🙂 🙂

I hope you are going to try it, well it doesn’t cost much i.e., just Rs. 40 or Rs. 65 🙂

  • let me know, if it worked for you or not in my comment section .
  • you can also connect with me on my official Instagram @kanupriyanegi_official_
  • take care and happiest blogging lovelies. 🙂

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