Hey pals,
                 so here i am back with my second blog which talks about my beautiful granny and her formula of keeping her skin soft and glowing all the time.

Ancient formula of glowing skin.

Needless to say, we all want glowing skin and we all definitely know the secret of glowing skin within the corner of our heart but are afraid sometimes or are lazy to try the formula of our adults of keeping our skin in good manner.

Trend is changing everyday, new strategies and new formulas, various kind of moisturizers, creams, bleaches, facials, cleanups etc are there to keep our skin glowing but some formulas are irresistible like my granny’s formula.

when i was 7, i used to think, how my granny still glows at the age of 55 although it is always considered that after 30s, every woman starts gaining wrinkles.

Here is the formula we all already know but are avoiding somehow..

what she used to use ??????

It is nothing new.. it is the stuff, we are all familiar about. it is pure coconut oil.. she used to massage her skin every night with pure coconut oil obviously not chemically treated.

pure coconut oil , the only pure thing in this chemical world..

In the era of chemical cosmetics,we are all already aware about the benefits of coconut so why not to take advantage of it in our daily lives…. we can at least use the coconut oil for the skin at night every day.. right… it is a very good alternate for a moisturizer as well…

  • I hope you liked my blog..
  • i will be back with my next blog till then take care and happiest blogging 🙂 :-).

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